Doors & Hardware
We have many years of experience specializing in handling and installing doors and hardware. We spend countless hours stocking hardware, taking inventory, organizing distribution, and installing. We believe in staying organized and accurately accounting for distributing materials.

1.) Door Hardware

    A. Handels / Levers

    B. Exit Devices

    C. Deadbolts

    D. Flush Bolts

    E. ?

    F. Coordinators

    G. Closures

    H. Door Stops - wall, floor, overhead

    I. Thresholds & Sweeps

    J. Smoke Seals

    K. Weatherstripping

    L. Lock Guard

    M. Roller Latches

    N. Push/Pulls

    O. Spring Hinges

    P. Door Viewers

    Q. Coat Hooks

1.) Bathroom Accessories
    A. Towel bars / Towel rings

    B. Toilet Paper Holders

    C. Hooks

    D. Bathroom Partitions